Simply put, I’m a Pete Lesperance fan. Any chance I get to have Pete join me for a show I take it. He brings a tone, an intensity and just the right kind of energy. What makes Pete so great to work with is his natural instincts and the fact that he is a wonderful human being. Anyone’s music, whether he’s playing it live or recording it, will be in good hands with Pete.
— Michelle Wright
In the last 4-5 years, Pete has graced every song I’ve charted with.
He has consistently delivered high quality tracks that are second to none.
Being an accomplished artist, writer and producer himself, his approach to performance is all about the song and artist.
Without a doubt, Pete is a huge factor in my success.
— Jeff Dalziel ~Dieselmusicofficial.com
Able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. That’s the definition I found on Google for versatile, and that pretty much sums up Pete Lesperance’s skills as a musician, songwriter, producer and engineer. It’s so rare to find that kind of quality all in one place, and all in one person.
— Denis Tougas ~ Recording Engineer/Mixer (Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Amanda Marshall, Kathleen Edwards)
I have worked with Pete for a long time. As a producer and arranger, what you expect when you call for a session guitar player is effectiveness, quick response and tone. Pete will definitely give you all this, with groove, tempo and amazing variety of sounds and guitar resources. One of my top guitarists, no doubt!
— Pablo Navarro~ International Music Director for Queen We Will Rock You-Arranger/producer